Los Geht's

Kommune treffen, finden, gründen

Awareness: English

>>to be aware, to be informed, to be sensitive about specific issues.<<

We hope that the Los Geht’s 2020 will be a great experience for everyone and that everyone will feel good at the camp. This will only work if we are all respectful and careful with each other and every person is conscious about their own behavior. Please be aware of your own boundaries (both physical and emotional) and please consider the boundaries of the other participants and make sure that you respect them.
Nevertheless, if there is any boundary crossing or violation in the camp
that you experience (or see) and you require some support, please contact
the Awareness-Team. Awareness is a concept that is against every form of boundary crossing or boundary violation, violence and discrimination through sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic behaviors. Awareness doesn’t tolerate these behaviors and is committed to alternative actions.
Important: discrimination may happen without bad intention.

The task of the Awareness-Team is to be reachable for the people who need
it, to offer support and assistance. Therefore, there will be a safe space,
which people can use, where they can be heard, where their opinions will
not be challenged – if they wish so- and if it doesn’t collide with others‘
people perception. The task of the Awareness-Team is to create a context within which the people concerned can feel comfortable. This can be for example in the sense of having a rest, strengthening their self-esteem, retrieving their capacity to act. The point is to overcome helplessness and to communicate that personal boundaries should always be respected, no matter where they lie. The definition about what boundary violation is, is made by the person whose boundaries are violated. The Awareness-Team is not biased but also not a „Festival-Police“ which means that they cannot expel people of the festival without talking to the Organisation-Team first. For boundaries violation which goes beyond the capability of the Awareness-Team to act, the Team has the task to call for professional help and/or if necessary the police.

With this awareness-concept we hope that the Los Geht’s will be a safe space for all people taking part, a space where everyone is happy to spend some time and everyone is able to freely express themselves. Of course, we know that only a concept is not enough for this, but the way we treat each other is really crucial, so that Los Geht’s 2020 will be α great success!