Los Geht's

Kommune treffen, finden, gründen


The Los Geht´s program will again be a mixture of workshops, time with your individual peer groups and a cultural program in the evenings. In addition to that the huge area and the location in the national park Hoher Dörberg, at the foot of the ‘Helfensteine’, offer many more possibilities to enjoy yourself.
There will be child care and a small kids program for children.
(Feel free to bring everything you need to enjoy the breaks and evenings)
Animals and drums are not wanted – WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS


Such a big camp can only work if all people participate and endeavor to act solidary and cautious with each other.
This can mean offering cooking assistance, keeping the site clean, supporting each other with linguistic help (e.g. organizing a translator), helping at the child care, supporting the set up and the dismantling or driving the shuttle service.
Assemblies as well as information boards will help to organize this self organization.


This is a rough overview on the available workshop times. During the camp a workshop overview wall will give you detailed information for each open workshop. You are invited to organize an open workshop on your own. Please let us know if you plan to do so and write us a mail to:

9am - 1pmpeer group workshopspeer group workshopspeer group workshops
1pm - 2pmlunchlunchlunch
2:30pm - 4pmarrival beginning from 3pmopen workshopsopen workshopsopen workshops
4:30pm - 6pmarrivalopen workshopsopen workshops"Markt der Möglichkeiten"
(group presentations)
and closing meetup
8pmopening event and first peer group meetingfire show, cabaret, musictheater, bands, partyscreening


We as organization team settled again for the concept of peer groups. For people traveling alone this offers the possible to get to know other people in a small group from the beginning onwards. In addition to that the continuity of permanent groups allows a collective process as well as an intensive substantial analysis and reflection.

The peer groups are going to be moderated by two communards from the Kommuja- Network. You will meet the group moderators first in a small group on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday they are going to hold the four basic workshops during the peer group time and will meet again with you on Sunday for a joint finish.

The groups will be organized prior to the camp. During the registration process we will therefore ask you to tell us if you´re arriving alone or in a group. Your application confirmation will contain more information about how we will organize the groups. To make sure everyone is part of a suitable group we are considering everyone’s personal contextual points and interests.

In case you are not happy with your group during the camp, you can tell us and of course change to a different group.


All camp participants are part of a peer group.
During the peer group time the central commune topics we identified are going to be worked on. These four basic topics are collective economy, social interactions, commune and politics and decision making. Soon you will find here more information on what this means in particular.
All of these workshops are going to be held by people who live in communes themselves and therefore can share their experiences.


Thanks to your participation there are going to be diverse substantial as well as creative and physical related offers during the afternoon workshops. More information is soon to come!
The participants decide themselves if they want to take part in a workshop and if in which one.
You are encouraged to create your own workshops. Please let us know what you`re planning by sending us a few describing sentences. This makes it easier for us to find an adequate space for your workshop and simplifies the program organization alltogether.


As a foretaste of the cultural program you can check the follwing list of artists attending our camp.

⇒ political cabaret: Sunna Huygen
⇒ performance theater: Kollektiv Nobiling
⇒ Singer-songwriter music: Caro Kiste Kontrabass
⇒ Pop, Indy, Folk: Mykket Morton
⇒ Fire show by Evil Flames
Wizard Zargo with his show “Alles TriXerei”


At the Los Geht’s will be a child care during the seminar hours. There will be two groups, one for smaller children and one starting roughly at age 8 (a precise division by age will be happening at the camp)
For older children a circus workshop and group games will be offered. The younger children have their own circus tent where they can play, paint and do craft work.
The child care will be coordinated by experienced youth workers but it is important that they will get support from other camp participants. These can be parents but all other people who want to engage with children are encouraged to participate and to bring in their ideas.